Movement tracking on St Pancras station

Movement tracking St Pancras 1, 2 and 3, pencil, 2014
Drawings were done standing opposite the exit from the trains on St. Pancras station.

In this experiment I wanted to trace the movement of people coming towards me:


The idea for two following ones was to represent the shape of a moving crowd, to further investigate its visual impact:

stpancras_people_tracking2 stpancras_people_tracking3

Paul Klee on Modern Art

55. Paul Klee, On Modern Art, p. 53: “The legend of the childishness of my drawing must have originated from those linear compositions of mine in which I tried to combine a  concrete image, say that of a man, with the pure representation of the linear element. Had I wished to present man ‘as he is,’ then I should have had to use such a bewildering confusion of lines that pure elementary representation would have been out of the question. The result would have been vagueness beyond recognition.”

Source: A Thousand Plateaus; Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari; p. NOTES TO PP. 342-350 □ 551